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 ... Spotify entrepreneur takes brother to the High Court accusing him of harassment ... Islington Council demand developers who added concrete render in conservation area now knock it down ... Mobile phone antennae on top of tall buildings likely to become much rarer sight ... Junior doctors claim do not get enough rest and put patients at risk ... Man left brain damaged after wrong dose of radiotherapy wins £7m compensation ... Shipping magnate sued neighbour for over £800k and comes away with nothing ... Top government lawyer tried to murder wife has now been struck off ...Woman ordered to take DNA test to prove she is daughter of man who died intestate ... Star Wars fan suing Lucasfilm for £1.35 million ... man who lost both legs after falling into gap between train and platform "chose to put himself in danger" ...                                                                                                                                     
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We have archived for easy reference hundreds of reports which we have featured on the site over past weeks and months.

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Additional Archive Material
In addition to the archive material mentioned above, Strand News hold offline a further 40,000 archived court reports. If you wish to search these, please phone either 0207 353 1300 or email the editor at
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