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 ... Teacher sacked after showing "Halloween" to teenagers wins £600k disability discrimination ... Aristocrat's ex-wife can fight for slice of his inherited fortune in the English courts ... bus driver left in wheelchair due to dodgy air conditioning wants £250k compensation ... A H&S officer injured on holiday fails in his fight for compensation … Only son whose mother said "It's all yours" now in court fight over £725,000 inheritance … Lies led to the arrest of 3 men on false rape claims, now locked up for 4 years … Urban gang members facing crackdown on criminal activities …"Essex Boys" killer earns time off prison sentence due to 'exemplary and outstanding' behaviour ... Barrister who built extension without planning permission has been cleared of criminal offence ... Teacher developed OCD after falling off horse now battling to hold onto compensation ...                                                                                                                                                   
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We have archived for easy reference hundreds of reports which we have featured on the site over past weeks and months.

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Additional Archive Material
In addition to the archive material mentioned above, Strand News hold offline a further 40,000 archived court reports. If you wish to search these, please phone either 0207 353 1300 or email the editor at
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